Fundraising Thermometer (4)
groundbreaking group photo

The photos above are from our official groundbreaking event on October 25th, 2022.

Current Fundraising Status

As of September 2023, the trail clearing is complete!

The full 1/4 mile loop now is open for public access.

Volunteer days are paused for the Fall and Winter. We will resume in the Spring.

The Goshen Discovery Park project was first conceived of in 2019. The trustees were inspired to create a space for the community to enjoy the outdoors, learn, and explore together. Since then, we have done a lot of work, and as of 2022, the Discovery Park is finally underway!

In collaboration with the Goshen Selectboard, the library trustees have applied for and successfully been awarded a grant from the National Parks Service. This grant is for the amount over 74,000 dollars and we now have to raise matching funds. Your support via volunteerism and/or donations are invaluable to this project. 

Below you will find the artist's rendition of our vision of the full park and the tiers of donation for you to consider.

         Click        to download the donation form. 

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