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           Not enough Romance in your Life?

                                                  Read a Book!

Join us once a month for a new title in the Romance genre - contemporary, historical, mystery or suspense - but all touched with a little love and happiness.  Nothing to risque - for everyone's comfort.

The Library has a number of titles to beging with and you can recommend more as we read our way through the year.

Our first book-chat is Thursday evening,

May 31 from 6:30 - 7:30ish.

We can discuss if this time will hold or if the group wants

a different day and time.

Bring something you've read and loved - or even just liked.

Or pop in to grab one of our titles to read before the date.

Here's a few of the newer titles to arrive on our shelves.

Library Lunch

Bring your bag-lunch

2nd Tuesday monthy

from 12:00 ~ 1:30


Currently Reading:

      Sally Cabot Gunning

four separate novels

reader's choice

 discussion:  June 12




Reading Repast

Pairs of members take turns bringing

a simple supper and dessert


2nd or 3rd Thursday monthy

    from 6:00 ~ 8:00

Currently Reading:

The Painted Drum

by Louise Erdrich


  discussion:   May 14








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